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Art at District.

At District we value the local art scene. All the art hanging on our walls comes from Bay Area artists. We rotate our art seasonally and give 100% of sales proceeds back to the artist.

Featured Artist: Harry James Moody

I do abstract paintings. I think and hope they are what they are. Aside from asking myself what am I doing, I also ask what they might possibly have in common with a 15th/16th century old master such as Lucas Cranach or Breughel the Elder? I mean, abstract is abstract and I cannot second-guess how anyone would perceive my paintings. All of my paintings are foremost inspired by nature.

When I paint, I do not try to simulate nature in a recognizable representation. I use nature as a point of departure. The actual painting process is a metaphoric journey with allegorical attributions. I catch myself inserting “life” without attaching figurative associations, conceptual forms or themes.

Life in the sense as a summary (past, present and maybe future) of who I am. While painting, feelings flow, such as fears, frustrations, inhibitions, anxieties, also joy, contentment and gratitude. Along with feelings, memories of past experiences, failures and accomplishments, manifest themselves.


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